RPM Geologic, LLC

In 2010, RPM Geologic, LLC became a growing part of consulting services offered to our clients.  By providing quality mudlogging and geologic interpretation we help operators efficiently drill their wells.  Our team of professional geologists are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and developing long lasting relationships with our clients.

By January 2012, RPM Geologic will have 6 teams working for 3 separate operators and have provided geologic services for approximately thirty wells in the Bakken and Three Forks formations.

Joe Large

Joe is the president of RPM Geologic, LLC.  He graduated with a degree in Geosciences from Virginia Tech in December of 2004 and also served as the president of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the geological honors fraternity, at his school.  Joe began wellsite geology in February 2005 for Sunburst Consulting before he formed RPM Geologic, LLC in 2010.  Joe has experience with wells in North Dakota, Montanta and South Dakota, drilling in the Bakken, Mission Canyon, Charles, Red River, Duperow and Three Forks formations.